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Indigos 01We have a new owner over at Indigo’s Coastal Shanty. Judah Lynch has been working in restaurants for decades and has an extensive history with a love for culinary arts. Judah, already passionate about downtown was more than happy to participate with the Mainstreet Alliance.

Most people are familiar with Kate Buchannan, the original owner of the restaurant. However, it seems that Indigo’s is still in great hands. “Kate wanted to sell,” Judah explained during our interview. “We carried a similar philosophy on how we treat people, employees, and food.” Of course, Judah loved the restaurant for the same reasons Kate intended. Judah describes Indigos as “a casual, colorful, coastal environment that you don’t find anywhere else. It provides fun and interesting food with no boundaries and a great meld of flavor.”

Judah’s passion for food began when he was very young. He grew up in a military family which meant a lot of traveling. His grandmother was also a nutritionist which only furthered his interest. If you’re worried that the menu will change with the owner, have no fear. “The menu stays the same,” Judah stated, assuring that the creativity comes in the specials.